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24 Hour

An online community offering fitness and health clubs and information.

6/20 Weight Training Routine

The 6/20 bodybuilding routine incorporates sets of 20 reps with sets of 6 reps to target different adaptive responses.

Arnold Schwarzenegger -
Focus on Body Building

Tribute to Arnold Schwarenegger, guide to bodybuilding, Fitness Models, and picture galleries.

Body Mass Index

Determine your BMI with this online BMI calculator. Includes explanations of results. JavaScript browser required.

Body Island

Nutrition, health and fitness advise and referrals to professionals, not just for running.

CNN's Health News:
Diet & Fitness

Offering news and tips.

Cyberpump -
The home of HIT

Cyberpump is a bodybuilding and strength training site providing information on various aspects of the weight game.

Deep -
Strength Online

Powerlifting, Strongman training, and much more. News articles every month.

Dr. Squat's
Training Articles

Information on training for bodybuilding and powerlifting from Dr. Squat himself, Fred Hatfield.

EndurePlus. com

Sports nutrition, training and news for the endurance athlete.


Categorized links, articles, information, and discussion related to exercise.

ExRx -
Exercise and Sports

Fitness information, including diet, nutrition, exercise, fat loss, sports psychology, weight training, kinesiology, and more.

Fitness Channel

Hundreds of fitness articles, interactive tools and quizzes, expert advice, and a supportive community for all your fitness, workout and weight loss needs.

Fitness Connection

Directory of health and fitness links.


A site for learning how to get fit, lose weight or build muscle mass.

Directory of health and fitness links.

Fitness Guide, the

Information about fitness, exercise and nutrition, with chat groups.


A fitness information resource for news, articles and tips on health, fitness, sports, diet, exercise and providing links to hundreds of quality fitness Web sites.


Online health club. Workouts, lowfat recipes, the latest in health, weight loss and exercise news.

FitnessWorld Homepage

Powerlifting, Strongman training, and much more. News articles every month.

Hardgainer Online

Information on common sense bodybuilding and strength training and excerpts from Beyond Brawn.

Health and Fitness Network

Fitness information, merchandise, chat groups, and links.

High Energy Fitness

Women's fitness information on training, nutrition and sports supplementation.


Information and links for healthy living.

Internet's Fitness Resource

Comprehensive listing of fitness related sites, fitness information, editorials, classifieds, and more.

Iron Dungeon, the

Training info for bodybuilding and weight lifting, nutrition and humor.

Just Move!

Physical activity resources for women and men, including health facts, practical tips, fitness news, a personal trainer, user forums and event calendar, from the American Heart Association.

Men's Health
Personal Trainer

A good beginner's set of weight training programs.

Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty

Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty, high-intensity training. Provides information on training, nutrition and the mind's relationship to bodybuilding.

MM2K Bench Program

The MM2K Add 40LBS To Your Bench Program.

The Virtual Gym

Training information for bodybuilders and help finding a gym near you.


Learn how to gain muscle mass without supplements or drugs. Also free personal training.

Physical Fitness and Sports

Not-for-profit organization that exists to improve the quality of life of every individual in the US through promotion of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles and by fostering and supporting Councils for physical activity, health and sports.

Nature Land
Fitness Village

Providing information about fitness, nutrition, exercise, personal care and weight loss.

Nutrition Calculators

Calculate ideal body weight, body mass index, calories needed, and calories burned during activity.

Personal Health Zone

Short articles and links on fitness and weight loss.

The Internet's premier fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition web site. Featuring the most complete searchable food count database on the net.

Time Out With Chad

Diet and fitness tips to keep you motivated.

Health & Fitness Forum

Advice and tips for strength training, stretching, aerobic exercise and nutrition.

Chat, discussion board, links, shopping, and more, relating to fitness.

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